About Us
About Frontline
We build cloud products with security and DevOps in mind. We focus on making products that are secure, up-to-date, and packaged using only industry-standard best practices.
We believe that security and automation are essential. With extensive experience in various industries, we concluded that engineers want to deploy production-ready applications quicker. With this in mind, Frontline builds products for developers and operations engineers to eliminate time-consuming setups. Our products are used in many verticals and are agile enough to fit your needs.
Each Frontline product is built with security-focused. We believe in innovation and making sure our products are not only useful but also created minimally to increase performance.
We believe a good system design needs to be minimal.
We actively follow the DevOps methodology and make sure to be unobtrusive. For this to happen, we provide products that are simple to understand and yet built to create pace so that you can push your application to production faster.
Frontline was initially established in 2017 but since has rebuilt it's self several times.
We are based in the United States. We are trusted by several Fortune 500 companies, banks and credit unions, car manufactures, retail stores, and more. We thank you for using our products.


We're building the next generation of secure cloud infrastructure. We believe that security is essential in the twenty-first century. A secure company inspires, conquers, and leads.

Company Values and Culture

Our culture can be summarized in one sentence: build a company that you would want to work for.
To build the kind of company we want to work for, we believe the following values help us get there:

In regards towards our customers

  • Our customers' success determines our success
  • Security is essential and central to everything we do
  • Have agility to adapt to any situation
  • Always go above and beyond, even when it's unnecessary
  • Trust but verify

In regards to ourselves

  • Build what matters
  • Work smart, not hard
  • Good design is minimal
  • Experiment more
  • Trust and treat others how we want to be trusted and treated