A brief history on Frontline

Version 2.5 - 02-02-2020

  • Frontline pages has been redesigned
  • Support and documentations applications setup
  • Passed 1,000 active subscribers
Frontline 2.5

Version 2.0 - 01-03-2020

  • Frontline has been accepted into YC's Startup School W20
  • New landing page has been built using Webflow.
  • Launch of Frontline on social media pages
  • Private reveal to friends and family
  • Passed 750 active subscribers
Frontline 2.0

Version 1.5 - 08-15-2019

  • Frontline has been rebranded with new fonts, color schemes
  • New site has been built using Webflow
  • Site changed to landing page with email subscription button
  • New category of standard products has been launched in AWS
  • Landed 400 active subscriptions
Frontline 1.5

Version 1.0 - 09-01-2017

  • Frontline was started as a side project by Nik to learn more about security in the cloud
  • Frontline (stylized as FrontLine) launched in AWS marketplace in September 2017 with Amazon Linux 2 hardened to meet PCI compliance standards
  • FrontLine was originally focused on building DevOps specific products for AWS, Azure, and GCP
  • Initial website was built using Squarespace
Frontline 1.0
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