Standard VMs
Frontline Standard VMs are built to support all of the latest instance types in GCP. These VMs are maintained and updated on a regular basis.
Frontline Standard VMs are virtual machines built for all operating systems in GCP.
We maintain and update these virtual machines on a regular basis and make sure to include all of the latest instance types so that you are able to use the latest technology right away.
Ideal for all environments.

How to find the listing

If the VM's status is set to Available you can click directly on its name and it'll take you directly to the Google Cloud Platform(GCP) listing or you can go to the GCP marketplace yourself and search for "Frontline" (which will show all the listings associated with the company) or you can search for "Frontline <OS NAME>" ex. "Frontline CentOS 7" to be more specific.

Configuration Help

For help with the configuration, visit our GCP Configuration page.

Linux VMs

Operating System
CentOS 7
CentOS 8
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Linux VMs